Algorithmic Competition Offering(s) 
by Algocoin

For AI

Compete and submit solutions for the most optimal AI algorithms to solve various real world problems that are mathematically difficult.

For Data Storage

Compete in finding various solutions to solve real world problems related to storing data, data structures, and vice versa.

For Data Transfer

Find the most optimal data transfer methods and mechanisms, as well as protocols that would solve a said related problem.

What are computationally difficult problems?

There are numerous problems worth solving that would need an algorithm over manual work. Right now, we as a society need to figure out what these problems are and how they can benefit us from an impact perspective.

Things such as faster 3D printing and being able to build habitats for Mars, or even figuring out black swan events in the market are worth instigating. 

This is why this project was created. Let us see how we can eventually sponsor verifiable computing at its finest.

We’re Better. Here’s Why…

Algorithmic Competition Offering(s) are meant to provide a direct solution into investigating what projects may be worth looking into. It is a predecessor to a stealth-mode competitive project being built by researchers Andrew Kamal and his friend/colleague Dominic Dabish.

Friendly Interface

Easy to use submissions for grant proposals and rounds built off of Gitcoin's Quadratic funding program.

Stake Donations

Stake and match donations for your favorite algorithmic problems and see what others are doing in this community.

Extremely Social

Establish communities and advocates for your proposals or build algorithms yourself and create an established project timeline on the blockchain.

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None of this is investment advice. This isn't meant to be viewed as a financial asset. This is a utility and for "entertainment-purposes" only. Any intrinsic value would be a matter of perception and not something implied or endorsed. This project is a research project built off the idea of benefiting humanity.